Health Points

20 (Heart x 10)

Attack Strength

2-4 Hearts


Overworld: Light level of 7 or less, anywhere but slabs (half blocks) or transparent blocks


Arrow (0-3) on death. Bone (0-2) on death.

Skeletons are ranged, hostile mobs  armed with bows that shoot arrows at the player and any other mob that attacks it. Like zombies, skeletons spawn in dimly lit areas, and will burn when directly in sunlight (when the sun is 15 degrees or greater above the ground) unless they are swimming in water. The Skeleton will not burn if not directly in view of the sun, e.g. underneath a tree.

Since their initial introduction into the game, skeletons have received an AI update that has allowed them be about as "intelligent" as zombies, since they were both given similar AI updates. Skeletons can since now seek cover when on fire, and can perform many other "smarter" actions.


  • Bone - Used to craft Bone meal.
  • Arrow - Used as ammo for Bows.